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The Changbai Mountains in north-eastern China are set among the forests of Jilin province. The region's continental climate results in severe winters suitable for skiing and other tourism activities – only two hours' flight from Beijing!


Serge Koenig, French Vice-Consul in Chengdu responsible for mountain-related matters and Director of the Alpes-Sichuan Cooperation Programme.


Ex Sports Minister, deputy for Paris


If you are reading these few lines, it means you have just entered the Ispo-Alpitec China salon. Welcome to the 19th version of this unique gathering of mountain, tourism, and outdoor-activity professionals in China.


From February 27 to March 2, the heart of the new Olympic area focused on mountain, tourism and sport, as they welcomed Ispo/Alpitec China. The two exhibitions gathered together, and according to the figures, the strategy was rewarding!