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Focus on China's snow and ice industry with the world together

Focus on China's snow and ice industry with the world together


Thursday 12 February 2015


The Changbai Mountains in north-eastern China are set among the forests of Jilin province. The region's continental climate results in severe winters suitable for skiing and other tourism activities – only two hours' flight from Beijing!

The Changbai Mountains in north-eastern China are set among the forests of Jilin province.


Monday 26 January 2015

Serge Koenig

Serge Koenig, French Vice-Consul in Chengdu responsible for mountain-related matters and Director of the Alpes-Sichuan Cooperation Programme.

Serge Koenig, French Vice-Consul in Chengdu responsible for mountain-related matters and Director


Friday 4 July 2014

Jean-François Lamour

Ex Sports Minister, deputy for Paris

Ex Sports Minister, deputy for Paris


Tuesday 18 February 2014

Ispo/Alpitec China: the mountain world in Beijing

If you are reading these few lines, it means you have just entered the Ispo-Alpitec China salon. Welcome to the 19th version of this unique gathering of mountain, tourism, and outdoor-activity professionals in China.

If you are reading these few lines, it means you have just entered the Ispo-Alpitec China salon.

山地雄心 - 第五期


As its fifth issue, our magazine Mountain Ambition brings you an overview of mountain news in China: from booming ski resorts, intensive preparation of the Winter Olympic Games of 2022, to exclusive interviews with the persons who contribute hugely to the Chinese mountain and skiing market. As a magazine aimed at exchange and sharing, Montagne Ambition commits itself to connect the links between France and China and to bring them closer together.

History of the development of French mountain

History of the development of French mountain
The development of the French mountain was not built in one day, it stems from a long history, marked by ideas, boldness and foresight. Visionaries who did not hesitate to anticipate trends and to embark on a crazy adventure, they built ski resorts even when the French knew little or no about skiing, yet at that time people were not interested in the mountains, nor were they attracted by its related products.. However, thanks to easier policies and numerous investments, France has become a nation of skiing and the top of the world's winter sports destinations. Today, France has more than two hundred ski resorts spread over its six massifs, the Vosges, the Jura, the Massif Central, the Pyrenees, the Alps and Corsica, many of which are among the most important and the best known in the world. Splendid names like Chamonix, Paradiski composed of the Arcs and the Plagne, and the 3 Valleys composed of Courchevel, Meribel, Ménuires and Val Thorens, attracted countless ski lovers. Furthermore, Val Thorens was elected in 2016 the best resort in the world for the third time at the World Ski Awards ceremony.
With the invention of the ski resort, human being has repelled one more physical border: the fantastic adventure of living in the high altitude area all the year round becomes possible.


Ski equipment in China: the new eldorado

Ski equipment in China: the new eldorado
In 1996, the first open ski area for a large public, Village Fengche station was created (afterward, it will be part of Yabuli which has developed considerably). This is the very beginning of winter sports facing tourists in China. Prior to this, skiing was the prerogative of athletes and reserved for competitions in this country.
After 20 years of development, skiing becomes a popular hobby and this ski domain is now a sunrise industry in China. In 2009, there were only 5 million skiers in China. During the 2014/2015 season this figure rose to 12.5 million, with a significant increase of 21.36% compared to the previous season of 2013/2014. In 2013, the sports industry contributes 356.3 billion yuan, which is 0.63% of GDP, in 2014, the amount becomes 1,357.5 billion yuan which is 0.64% of the GDP.
In Chinese market, the population of winter sports practitioners is expected to grow to a staggering number of 300 millions by the Olympic Games of 2022. The weight of winter sports industry would be nearly 3,500 billion yuan in 2025. As a predominant part of the activity, the ski equipment industry will have an exponential development with the increase of practitioners.


Enjoyment, a new trend

Enjoyment, a new trend
If the sea experience is natural, the mountain experience is cultural, that’s true. , One must acquire certain knowledge before practicing the mountain sports; to be able to ski, you must first learn the basics of skiing. The best way to learn is to do it through entertainment, therefore, recreation and games are the best ways for skiing education? But why should the playability always be confined to the education for beginners? Why not make skiing fun for all skiers, regardless of their level? Today, it is enough to observe the global trend to be convinced: many recreational spaces are created in all stations. Let’s take the French example to analyze this trend.
In France, the ski entertainment has appeared many years before in two main forms: night skiing and ludic trail. Other than creating new spaces, the French stations find that creating new schedules is also a good choice. Traditionally, a ski area opens from 9 am to 5 pm, after sunrise and before sunset. However, a ski area is the fruit of painstaking efforts made by several operating and investment companies: ski lifts, snowmaking, trail maintenance,, space security, etc. So, why not play on the amplitudes of time and offer more entertainment services to customers, in addition to the simple ski program?. Many French resorts, just like their Austrian, Canadian, North American, Russian or Japanese counterparts, have already taken the plunge and are offering their clients night skiing service with artificially lightened trails.. There are also some ski resorts light up their ski area occasionally, for an event, an entertainment, or a special evening. Does this night program work? How? Are there any constraints? Night skiing is only a tiny part of the entertainment programs provided by the French ski areas to meet the customer requirement.


Cable transportation

Cable transportation
Cable transport is an old story between human being and the mountain. With the Olympic Games approaching, the Chinese ski areas are created, built or equipped step by step, and ski lifts are often among the first investments made in ski areas. It is obvious that, without ski lift, skiing would not be possible. Montagne Ambition offers an overview of the latest achievements in Chinese stations, and even some atypical examples of development and changes in the tourism domain. Furthermore, there are also examples of how cable transport can be found outside the world of snow and skiing in China and elsewhere.